The enterprise Zabbix Plugin

ZabGeo – Creating a token in the MapBox

How to create your token for mapbox API

Access a URL

Create your account by clicking “Sign”.
After creating your account, on the main MapBox page, click “Account.” After click “API access token” and then “Create a new token”;

Provide an identification name for your token, for example: mytokenzabgeo and then click “Generate.” Okay, your key has been created. Copy the token and configure EveryZ.

Configuring the Token in EveryZ

Now go to EveryZ, in Zabbix Extras menu. Click Customizations and Paste the generated Token, in the Token field.

Note: Start Plan allows 50,000 views / month free of charge (50,000 map views / month for public and free sites, mobile apps);

In the MapBox, you can access statistics to view token views. To see how statistics click Stats on the MapBox menu.