The enterprise Zabbix Plugin

Customizable logo

One of the older patches that we created was allowing select dynamically the logo of Zabbix in the upper left corner of the screen.

With him it was possible to place your company logo easily. This patch has expanded and now allow the customization of the site’s logo and the logo on the login screen. In addition it is possible to adjust the size of the logo of the site to suit any logos that are shorter.

The images to be used as logo must have size compatible with the available space:

  • Site logo

In order to avoid distortions in the aesthetic website, this picture should have your fixed height (25 pixels) and size compatible with the configured screen customizations (by default is 120 pixels). The default image is a composite of Zabbix logo and the flag of Brazil (country from the creator of the patch).

Custom logo

  • Login logo

This image must have 120×25 pixels.

Custom logo on login

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